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Around The Block with Pearly Wong - Fashion Designer (721940) by iSpy

Pearly Wong Breaking through fashion and art barriers, Pearly Wong succeeds in standing out through her method of basics and staples, reverting to methods of simplicity among the seas of excessive and elaborate. Through careful and strategic construction is her style, Wong makes her mark with collections highlighting the beauty of multifunctional geometric patterns. Sticking to the concept of monochromatic in every way, Wong keeps her pieces genderless in an ethically conscious manner, catering to the androgynous and the non-binary. Even her base color palettes remain subdued, with black being a signature. Also a champion of sustainable fashion, Wong incorporates features of leather, mesh, harnesses, hooks, and zippers in her artistic concepts, creating a trend in minimalism.

Originally pressed by iSpy in the pressbook Fashion Designer - Malaisie


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